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Duxcoat Automotive Glass Sealant

Drive in Pouring Rain without Wipers-simple removal of ice-if it sticks at all!

75ml Pre Cleaning Milk

25ml Nano Component 1
25ml Nano Component 2

3 Polishing Cloths

Price: £19.99 (Including VAT at 20%)


Duxcoat Nano Glass sealing provides for safer driving in foul conditions for up to 1 year.

This simple to apply product will treat all windows, headlights and wing mirrors.

Once treated the surfaces are dirt and water repellent.

Night time driving in pouring rain becomes a very different experience; you wonít even know itís raining once driving over 40 mph!!.

The Sealant is UV- resistant plus resistant to car washes and chemical cleaning.

The Advantages of Duxcoat Nano Glass Sealing

  • Safer driving in foul conditions
  • Greatly reduced use of wipers
  • Simple removal of bugs in summer, ice in winter.
  • Resistant to mechanical or abrasive cleaning
  • Long Lasting